Loan process
, loan application
1 basic situation, borrowers and guarantors;
2, departments of finance or accounting (the audit) approved by the firm's annual financial report, as well as the loan application prior-period financial reports;
3, The unreasonable amount of loans to rectify the situation;
4, mortgaged, pledged inventory and have the consent of the right mortgage, pledge and guarantor to be agreed to ensure that relevant evidence of proof;
5, project proposal and feasibility report;
6, credit unions need to provide other relevant information;
Second, credit rating, credit unions to assess the credit rating of the borrower;
III, credit investigation, credit cooperative to the borrower's legitimacy, security, Profitability of conducting the investigation,
four, loan approval, credit unions and loan separation, grading and approval of loan management system for loan approval;
five, Contract credit unions sign a loan contract with the borrower;
six, loan origination, credit unions by the borrower becomes delinquent loans;
VII Credit check performed on the borrowers credit union loan and borrower management situation investigation and inspection;
eight, repayment, maturity of the loan, the borrower repay the loan principal and interest in full and on time.