30 million monthly mortgage reduction of more than 260 Yuan

On January 4, the Beijing dongcheng district, a State-owned enterprise employees to which Huang Shasha Bank SMS notification from January this year, the periodic repayments of mortgage Monthly payments will be reduced from 4828.73 to 4613.42, reducing 215.31 Yuan. This reporter has learned, current workers and peasants in the establishment of five State-owned commercial banks and 12 joint-stock commercial banks lowered their adjustable-rate mortgage rate, which means that most of the mortgage owners like Huang Shasha "monthly payments" will be reduced.

the beginning of the year, and why individual loan monthly payments be reduced? China Merchants Bank (600036 , share ) Beijing Finance Street (000402 , bar ) branch a account manager told the economic daily said, which started in January and most commercial banks people's Bank of China related to the new benchmark lending rates after the rate cut. But he also said that not all mortgage borrowers monthly payments will decrease. "If the customer and the Bank agreed to take a fixed rate loan, even lower interest rates, mortgage rates will remain unchanged. "The Manager said.

with the fixed-rate and floating interest rates on borrowing period may be adjusted according to market interest rates. "If the customer and the Bank agree to adopt a floating interest rate payments, then from January this year, more than 5-year benchmark lending rate will be cut down in front of 6.55% is 6.15%, 0.4%. "The Manager said, assumes that borrowers interest rate loan of 1 million Yuan, for a period of 30 years (360), with equal repayments 2014 6353.6 monthly repayment, monthly repayments this year 6092.28, underpayment of more than more than 260 Yuan a month.

for mortgage rate discounts ' borrowers, the new implementation of the benchmark interest rate and does not affect the discount policy. "If the customer's mortgage rate is 95 percent last year, then still in January this year after the benchmark interest rate 6.15% on the basis of 95 percent, or 5.84%. "The Manager said.

worthy of note is the November 22, 2014 Central Bank rate cuts, why commercial mortgages new benchmark interest rate until January 2015? One State official said, in the case of floating rate, the Bank can use "adjusted annually," "by month or by day" etc, but most banks are using "adjusted annually", that is, whether interest rates several times within a year, and have to run the latest benchmark interest rate until January 1 of the following year.