Effect cut interest rates on home loans this month, cash

Mortgage buyers, last November, central banks cut interest rates brought about by the "welfare" can finally fulfilled. From January 1 this year, the city's major Bank official standards of implementation of new purchase mortgage rates, from 6.55% to 6.15% buyers reduced monthly payments to different extents. However, the Banking segment interest January customers some special payments may be higher than other months of the year. Financial Planner reminder this month caused public must deposit sufficient amount to allow repayment is overdue.

on November 22 last year, the Central Bank reduced the benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions, the city banks most of the purchase contract is "the following year pranayama", that is, January 1, 2015, according to the new interest rate payments. The cut to mortgage buyers have brought "benefits", with a loan of 500,000 yuan 20, for example, 6.55% is according to the benchmark interest rate, monthly repayment 3742, as cuts interest rate 6.15%, and monthly repayment amount is 3625 Yuan, the equivalent of 117 Yuan less per month, an annual savings of more than 1400 Yuan, 20 may save more than 28,000 yuan.

starting from January 1 this year, "welfare" officially honoured. However, the need to remind the loan is, in January this year repayment amount will have some unique, may be higher than this year's other monthly payments. With a loan of 500,000 yuan 20, for example, neither last year's January payments 3742, nor after the calculated 3625, 3667, this is as a result of subparagraph bank interest.

according to this meter card way, assumed mortgage buckle paragraph day for monthly 20th, so January of repayment interest on by December last 11 days of interest and January Qian 20 days of interest composition, so this months also amount will than thereafter 11 months degrees of repayment amount more some, loan who needed to loan account in the deposit enough amount, avoid for also amount enough and occurred loan late. From February this year, and repayment amount are not the problem.

"most of the mortgages" old customers "are calculated in such a way the repayment amount, there are some special cases. "A joint-stock bank financial planner Chen Dan said. Homeowners and banks when you sign a mortgage contract, if the agreement "cannot be adjusted according to changes in interest rates", if you still have the previous interest rate.

prepayment of each year is the peak , financial planner remind mortgage customers, if the loan interest rate is 70 percent, the prepayment is not worth it. Beginning in 2015 over 5-year benchmark lending rate to 6.15%, after playing 70 percent is 4.305%, and 5-year bank deposit rate of up to 5.4%, higher than the loan rate.