January 1 cut its lending rates would generally benefit from

On November 22, 2014, people's Bank of China adjusted its benchmark deposit and lending rates. Most of the personal loan customers to choose the "fixed rate day", that is, January 1 of each year adjusting lending rates. Therefore effective January 1, 2015, adjusted the base rate will be enabled.

according to professional analyses to enable these loans adjusted the base rate, will enable customers in 2015, to gain many benefits. For example, suppose customer loan balances 1 million Yuan, had interest rates of more than 5-year benchmark interest rate 6.55%, with remaining maturity of 20 periodic repayment. January 1 more than lending rates have fallen to a new 5-year benchmark lending rate after 6.15%, through 2015, and about 4000 less interest payments to customers.

professionals warned that customer's January loan interest rate adjustment may be rendered monthly rise, in order to avoid overdue loans, some funds can be deposited prior to the payment date, repayment for use.