Mortgage repayment relief awareness of the January payments today

Today, business Bank enabled Bank latest benchmark interest rates cut to loan brings benefits in cash. These two days, Mr LI in Beijing will receive reminder messages from banks, SMS said January 1, 2015 to implement new rates, repayment amounts have changed, reminded Mr LEE should pay attention to in the mortgage process, avoid loans overdue.

China economic net reporter learned that, on November 22 last year, the Central Bank benchmark deposit and lending rates were adjusted. Among them, the buyers are most closely related to the five-year benchmark lending rate by 0.4% from 6.55% to 6.15%. In accordance with the contract as agreed upon with the customer, most banks from January 1, 2015, to which "fixed day" for personal loans, enabling up-to-date benchmark interest rate.

the industry believes that property owners can obtain many benefits in the year, demand for purchase loans will further release, January's mortgage market will be "steady rise" situation.

January payments to pay attention to the multi query monthly

mortgage amount of 500,000 yuan, the loan period of 20 years, in the case of interest rates, monthly repayments before interest rate cuts is 3742.6 Yuan, 3625.56 after the rate cut, but less interest each month 117.04, 20 total lack of interest about 28,000 yuan.

worth noting is that the relevant parties, and the choice of "fixed rate day" customers, employs the way interest under subparagraph, in the case of adjustment, some customers in January this year the loan monthly payments may increase. Due to the new rate from January 1 January repayment of principal and interest is in one year, so need to be calculated. December 2014 interest in accordance with the old interest rate, in January the interest calculated in accordance with the new rate. Assuming the mortgage deduction date for the 20th day of each month, January repayment interest from December the last 11 days of interest in January and consisting of interest 20 days before.

"January will deduct part of the principal, in General, but for more than the previous month. But from February or March, the loan monthly payments will be lower than in 2014, customers ultimately need to return the interest will be reduced because of lower interest rates. "Insiders suggested that repayment in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time in front of the public, need to take special notice of January the monthly amount, it is best to deposit some funds, used for repayment to avoid overdue loans.

so how do you know their actual monthly change? China economic net reporter was informed that many banks will by way of SMS alerts inform customers, send SMS and some also represent clients new monthly amount. In addition, customers can also take the form of active query, ID card loans and loan contracts to operate bank branches free to print new repayment schedules, schedule listing in January and the subsequent months of loan payments. Have opened online banking or mobile banking customers can log their own Internet banking, mobile banking queries.

prepayment which crowd to good account for

prepayment of mortgages were intended to, there are lawyers suggested, had early repayment plans, you need to find the loan contract, take a look at the "prepayment" the relevant conventions, loan contracts but may also have a special attachment to Convention-related matters. Consultation and contact the lending banks, in addition to know whether one should pay "liquidated damages", it should be clear if the prepayment amount is mandatory.

the industry believes that, because of General expenditures in the early repayment of loan interest, is still at the early repayment of the customer, if you have spare cash and there is no better investment, prepayment is a good choice.

China economic net reporter was informed that the two groups do not fit for loaner. Equal principal repayment are choosing business loans, and borrowers already in the second half of the repayment period. If these people were in early repayment, choose in advance can shorten the repayment period of the loan and reduce interest expense. But if the repayment is almost complete, in fact, most of the interest has been paid after payment of most of the principal, it is not fit for loaner.

in addition, the part at the 2008 mortgage interest rates buyers enjoyed a 70 percent discount, if the early repayment is an order to buy a new House, then to the current benchmark interest rate of the loan 6.15%, both monthly and total interest expense is higher than the current year mortgage at 70 percent level, so prepayment is not cost-effective.

financial planner suggested, if you grasp investment opportunities, using the portfolio, you can still make good profits, and some of the benefits can be more than mortgage rates.