Stock mortgage loans today on official interest rate cuts

For stock mortgage customers, on November 22 last year, cuts, and today only enjoy "welfare". Most mortgage loans to customers have selected a "fixed rate day", that is January 1 of each year adjusting lending rates. Therefore, as from January 1, 2015, these customers will enable Bank latest benchmark interest rate.

equal repayment customers first month monthly payments may increase

at present, there are two main ways of commercial housing loans: fixed rate, interest that is specified in the terms of the contract, do not adjust according to changes in Central Bank interest rates. Bank insiders said that almost no customer selected in this way; another is the contract interest rate, with the Central Bank adjusted interest rate changes. Industry sources said, after the Central Bank adjusted interest rates, the Bank will automatically perform a new interest rate policy, the lender need not apply.

Meanwhile, for matching the repayment of customers, on January 1, 2015 to lower interest rates, the principal amount of the loan each month to return more than in December 2014, and will increase month by month. Principal had more customers coming in loans settled prior to the total interest rate less, customers is a big plus. And for those who choose "fixed rate day" matching payments of the customer, in the case of adjustment, some customers January 2015 loan monthly payments may increase.

January will deduct part of principal, overall, but for more than the previous month. But from February or March, the loan monthly payments will be lower than in 2014, customers ultimately need to return the interest will be reduced because of lower interest rates. Customer before the January monthly repayment may wish to own, deposited some funds for repayment to avoid overdue loans.

a loan of 1 million years, 4000 Yuan

January 1, 2015-mortgage customers after the rate cut, assumes that the customer loan balances 1 million Yuan, had interest rates of more than 5-year benchmark interest rate 6.55%, with remaining maturity of 20 matching method of repayment, then with the loan interest rates have fallen to 6.15% after benchmark interest rates tomorrow, in 2015, the customer will be less about 4000 Yuan interest.

in addition, after some customers were planning year-end awards issue, can reduce the monthly prepayment. But according to the current market forecasts cut channel is open, recommends the borrower of the intention to have the prepayment at, preferably subject to use of funds, rush to repayment or blindly may not be beneficial.

many banks for a prepayment customer, always complex provisions designed to restrain, that was not the most important, important prepayment may not be cost-effective. Suggest that borrowers consult your relationship manager, on the premise of analyzing contracts, careful calculation of the cost of the loan, and myself to get more interest, balance before making a decision.