Bank self-service loans machines debut in Beijing city

In future, members of the public applying for consumer loans can also be done on the buffet equipment. North Bank consumer finance company independent development of HD video self-service loans machines recently put into use, the public simply by virtue of my second generation card and bank card You can on the machine to complete the loan application.

yesterday, a reporter in Zhongguancun ( 000931 , bar ) building acceptance points in the street experience of self-service loans machines operation. This video loan machine looks and General ATM machine, just next to the operation screen more than a phone. Press first on the operation screen above the "I want to finance" icon, and put the original identity card in "ID card scan", then follow the voice prompts to enter personal data. When all items are completed, click on "submit" when machines video starts, appears on the screen of a smiling Bank staff by video on verifying the identity of the reporter, journalist by phone conversations with her. Verification is over, she informed reporters waiting for results within three business days, if approved, then signed the loan on the equipment of confirmation of approval.

self loan machine for less than 50,000 yuan of cash loans, apart from the normal card fee without any additional charges. Apart from the zhongke building, Bank of Beijing ( 601169 , bar ) small times square branch baiwanzhuang, Beijing Bank community branch and Bank of Beijing continental mansion, beiyuan Road branch office within it self loan machine.

"before loans are mainly used for buying electrical appliances, mobile phones, now expanding to more areas such as rent, car beauty. "North silver consumer staff, as consumption has become the people's living," the new normal ", consumer loans are accepted by the public. North silver Yan Xiaoyan said as the first domestic consumer finance company, North of silver consumption attaches great importance to the Internet thinking and application of data, innovative new model of consumer finance, including PICC credit guarantee insurance cooperation, there will be more convenient in the future innovation, bring more convenience for people.